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Re: Kontact eats appointments, todos and journals

Am Dienstag 17 November 2009 schrieb Dietz Pröpper:
> Hi,
> since some weeks, kontact starts to forget stuff in my installation,
> which is rather annoying. I can't reproduce it, and it seems to follow
> no pattern.
> Can anyone confirm this "behaviour"?

Hmmm, I did not yet miss anything. I just look through some of my stuff and 
it seemed to be complete. I even look at the start of my journal entries 
back in 2005 and it seems to look sane.

Difficult to judge as I have *tons* of stuff in there and I even do not 
remember when exactly I started to use Kontact for todos, appointments and 
journal. I really hope Kontact keeps it safe ;). I have a rdiff-backup, but 
that does not remember stuff forever.

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