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Re: Roadmap until the spring?

On 2009-11-19, Adrian von Bidder <avbidder@fortytwo.ch> wrote:
> With the freeze for Debian squeeze (currently testing) coming up within the=
> next months: should I try to get the webkit kpart into the squeeze stable=20
> release (which will probably be based on KDE 4.3.2 or 4.3.3), or is it stil=
> l=20
> changing too fast?  (Note that squeeze will have the usual Debian life cycl=
> e=20
> of 18m onths to 2 years until it is replaced by squeeze + 1)

We expect squeeze to ship with 4.4 series. freeze isn't planned until

> The main issue I see is potential security bugs.  I'm not good enough a C++=
> coder to fix these myself, so I'd need some help.  OTOH I'd expect most=20
> security issues to come from webkit itself and not the qt/kde bindings, so=
> we may be able to handle this.

Qt ships a full copy of webkit. That's how webkit unfortunately are
supposed to be used.

> In the longer term:  I understand the webkit KDE bindings will move into=20
> kdelibs soon-ish (KDE 4.4?)  Will the kpart move with it, or will it=20
> continue to be distributed separately for some time?

There is no current upstream plans to merge the kpart, only the 'use kde
cookiejar, kio, kde network settings, ....' parts (the webkit KDE
things) into kdelibs for 4.4.

> (... and without wanting to reopen the controversy: was there a recent=20
> *conclusive* discussion about the whole khtml vs, webkit issue as a default=
> renderer in KDE?)

khtml is the default rendere in KDE.


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