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Re: Pin to keep kde3.5.9?

On Monday 13 April 2009 11:30:02 Modestas Vainius wrote:
> Hello,
> On 2009 m. April 12 d., Sunday 21:27:55 Jan De Luyck wrote:
> > After several unsuccessful tries... does anyone know what I have to
> > pin/hold to keep KDE 3.5.9 instead of 4.2.2 in unstable?
> You are just delaying the inevitable and making your systeam fragile much
> more than unstable currently is. Eventually, you won't be able to keep KDE
> 3.5 due to some major library transition. If you do not like 4.x, use Lenny
> and optionally backports from backports.org

Sorry, Lenny is a bit too old for my tastes. Same with Squeeze. 

I've been tracking Sid since.. err.. Debian 2.0 or something, 
I'm used to fixing breakages all over the place when and if they occur. I'm 
just not confortable atm with KDE4... or more specific:
- the lack of configuration options available directly through the GUI (I'm 
not _that_ fond of editing kde's config files, the rest of the system I 
actually prefer going the cli route)
- the fact that the new panel system doesn't really work well when put 
- missing network stuff (knemo, where areth thou?), and several small things.

Ginger snap.

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