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Re: replacement for kpdf for kde 4.X?

Hi Alex and KDEers,

| > What is the best way to achieve a fast, fully-documented pdf reader for
| > kde 3.5.X under Debian?
| That depends on what you mean with "for KDE 3.5.x". If you mean a
| PDF reader done with KDE 3 libraries, then it's KPDF. However, I
| strongly recommend Okular, as it's a better application in
| general. Even if it uses KDE 4 libraries, it's perfectly usable on a
| KDE 3 desktop. I've been using it since 
| a _lot_ time ago, and to me it's perfectly stable. [. . .]

Thanks to this thread, I found okular.  I like it a lot.

There is one question I haven't found an answer to:
okular prints to A4 paper even when the "Properties"
panel of the print dialog says "US Letter".

The print preview also shows the pages as A4
even though they are displayed correctly as letter
on the main screen.

I went to Google and found a lot of posts talking about
similar-sounding issues.  But, I don't still know what's
the conclusion.  Some say it's a bug in KDE 4.x, some
say it's a bug in Qt, and yet others say it's a bug in

I'm using the testing distribution of Debian. (That means
it's KDE 3.9.10 ?)


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