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Re: Problem powerdevil kde 4.2

Alle Wednesday 11 February 2009, Ivan Grimaldi ha scritto:
> yes i have Nvidia card (Nvidia geforce 8800m), i have read there is a
> problem with a DPMS and powerdevil...have you a solution?because it's a
> problem when a pc suspend
> Ivan

From what I have read on nv forum, it depends on the driver you are using. Some versions before 
180.22 seem to be fine, but they are really slow with KDE4.2 (probably you must disable all the 
effects to use it), the next version that is still in beta should work again. If you want to try 
this beta version you should go here:


Otherwise wait that the next release hits experimental (generally once every month). This can't be 
really ascribed to KDE or Linux developers... 

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