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Re: replacement for kpdf for kde 4.X?

On Sunday 08 February 2009 07:56:13 am Arthur Marsh wrote:
> Hi, I had problems with lack of working help tool-tips
> and information about copying text from encrypted pdfs in
> kpdf 0.5.9 using kde 3.5.10 in Debian unstable (bug
> #514238) and was told that nothing would be done as "KPDF
> is frozen solid and no more KDE 3 releases are planned,
> so it cannot be done. (And Okular - KPDF successor in KDE
> 4 - does that, anyway.)"

> What is the best way to achieve a fast, fully-documented
> pdf reader for kde 3.5.X under Debian?
> Arthur.

Sorry for the late reply. I have reverted to xpdf, the 
granddaddy of Kpdf.  I am using xpdf with slack 12.2. I 
liked the previous Kpdf but the more recent version has 
lost the automatic refresh feature with I need for my work. 
Don't know if Kubuntu will download xpdf. Will try it out. 

If Debian/Kubuntu lacks Kpdf altogether I may continue to 
leave that partition dormant except when I need to use a 
more recent Gimp or Inkscape. 

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