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replacement for kpdf for kde 4.X?

Hi, I had problems with lack of working help tool-tips and information
about copying text from encrypted pdfs in kpdf 0.5.9 using kde 3.5.10 in
Debian unstable (bug #514238) and was told that nothing would be done as
"KPDF is frozen solid and no more KDE 3 releases are planned, so it
cannot be done. (And Okular - KPDF successor in KDE 4 - does that, anyway.)"

However, Okular (at least the version in unstable) is *way* too slow
compared with kpdf, and when I reinstalled it and attempted to load a pdf via the command line, it crashed (Debian bug #514526). It also crashed when I loaded the same pdf (found at http://www.acma.gov.au/webwr/_assets/main/lib310648/ecs_disc_paper.pdf ) by first loading Okular and then selecting the file from the okular file menu.

I did also report the bug as http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=183407

Anyway, I was lead to believe that kde 4.X would not be slower than kde

What is the best way to achieve a fast, fully-documented pdf reader for
kde 3.5.X under Debian?


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