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Re: Safe to upgrade my KDE 3.3.2 to v3.4? [startx doesn't work -- freezes OR "xinit: Server error"

> > OK, I decided to do an apt-get dist-upgrade, but I ran into problems
> > in starting X. :( I copied and pasted a copy of my apt-get logs in
> > the bottom of the e-mail. I did not see any errors. When I use
> > "startx" command (I boot up Linux into text mode; no GUI), startx
> > just hangs. I tried with two different non-root accounts. I even
> > checked /var/log/XFree86*.log files, but didn't see anything updated.
> > I did notice a couple times startx gave me "xinit: Server error."
> >
> > What's wrong? And how do I fix it? I am still sort of new to Linux
> > and this was my first time I ever did a full upgrade that required a
> > lot of dependencies. I hope I didn't cause too many damages. I was
> > careful to do it outside of X to avoid any conflicts, files in used,
> > etc.
> You've to upgrade to Xorg too (at least xserver-xorg).

Ahhh! Isn't Xorg completely different from X11 or is that just a new name but still the same 
thing? I wonder why apt-get distupgrade didn't see that dependency if I needed it. Weird.
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