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Re: How can I sync. my USB drive with /home?

Derek Broughton schrieb:
David Pye wrote:
It's not a kde applet, but rsync is excellent for this kind of thing.

Even better, Unison.  It uses rsync to do the actual copying, and includes
all the necessary scripting.

I've used both and find them quite different. The graphical Unison is easy to use and works in both directions, i.e. if you have new files on both drives it it easy to end up with all new files on both drives. If you're not careful it is also easy to delete files you really wanted to keep. Unison is slow, so if you have thousands of files to synchronize, you will be in for a long wait.

Rsync works in only one direction (at a time) and is thus ideal if you want to backup or duplicate the contents of one drive onto the other. It is at first rather difficult to set up properly, but once done, the command line program works superbly. It is much faster than Unison.

Now what I really want is a KDE-type tool with the power of rsync. Anybody know of something in the works?

Theo Schmidt

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