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Re: Automounter in KDE

On Thu, 11 Aug 2005, Theo Schmidt wrote:

> Am Dienstag, 9. August 2005 20.45 schrieb Tony Godshall:
> ...
> > How about mount-on-demand?
> ...
> > I find it best to mount writable removables with -o sync.
> > That way apps finish saving when they appear to finish saving,
> > which limits damage by novice users and dont-care-about-the-
> > technical-details users and old-hand-who-just-forgot users.
> >
> > The union of the above sets of users, oddly, appears to encompass
> > the majority of the population (;-)).
> It certainly includes me. I am rather confused about the apparently happening
> transition from manual mounting to automounting in Linux.

I use mtools for USB storage devices.  No mounting/unmounting is needed at
all with this approach, and it is robust against sudden removal of the
media.  In my ~/.mtoolsrc:

# External USB floppy

drive a:

# USB Pendrive

drive u:

Then I can use "mdir a:", "mcopy file u:", etc, in the shell.  In KDE, I
can use the "floppy:/" ioslave to access these.

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