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Re: Automounter in KDE

On Monday 08 August 2005 14:59, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote:
> Hmm.. I think the kernel automounter should be able to handle this..
Which one? There several, i tested some of them and none of them fitted my 
> Anyway, for me the biggest issue in all this has always been that you
> couldn't eject a cdrom with the eject button on the drive once the device
> was mounted.
But remember you're brutally removing the Disc. You don't know how the 
applications will behave, which still access the disc. It might even possible 
(i'm not sure right now), that the disc remains mounted.

> The system should be able to unmount the device regardsless of which
> resources are using it when you press the eject button. You know best if
> you want the disk out or not, the system shouldn't restrict you in doing
> this.
I think this choice shouldn't be made by you or by me, but by every single 
user. And i think locking the drives by default is ok.
> Same thing with usb storage. The system should auto-unmount the device if
> you unplug it.
And how's that supposed to work? Once you removed the stick it's already away. 
Your computer cannot finish pending operations like clearing it's buffers. 
You HAVE to umount it before removing. Even on other Systems that's the way 
to go.

Well, you could mount the drive in sync-mode (beginning with 2.6.12 it should 
also work with FAT. But remember we're talking about flash-drives. They only 
can be flashed limited times. If you use sync, every operation will 
immediatley trigger writing the data to the usb-stick. Your USB-Stick might 
become unusable much earlier.

> Anders

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