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Re: What's the best way to safely remove kde apps?

* Curt Howland [Sat, 19 Feb 2005 08:12:57 -0500]:
> The difficulty is that rather than "suggests" or "recommends", the KDE 
> global metapackage(s) "depends" on many of the unnecessary KDE 
> applications not just the real core apps, and the core apps "depends" 
> on the metapackage.

> That's why the attempt to remove the application caused such a cascade 
> of removals. I do not believe that aptitude is going to make any 
> functional difference. Until we can urge a change in the dependency 
> levels, I believe this question will come up over and over again.

  Yes. There was a bit of discussion about this in Bug#293246, and we
  will try to address this problem post-Sarge. One possible solution
  (the most straightforward, but which has serious inconvenients) would
  be to make metapackages use the Recommends field, instead of Depends
  (as you said).


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