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Re: kde 3.3.1 (sarge), sound problems: can't use microphone, krec seems to ignore kde sound settings, ...


> I can press "record", talk as much as I want, no sound will be
> replayed... Well, I tought of using gnome sound recorder... It only
> works correctly (I can record and reproduce sound) if I don't have
> a sound daemon running (I tried arts and esd).

I can't get Krecord to work either.  So, any help with that in Debian 
Sarge would be good.  Sound for everything else works fine.  Mozart, 
Beethoven and so forth sounds much better than Alsa and the same 
speakers on SuSE 9.2.  So, I'm happy enough with KDE 3.3.1 in Debian.

> Could my sound problems be somewhat better if I try a 2.6 kernel
> (because of alsa) ?

I'm using the 2.6.8-1-k7 kernel with a 1.2Mhz AMD CPU and an Ensoniq 
PCI audio card.


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