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kde 3.3.1 (sarge), sound problems: can't use microphone, krec seems to ignore kde sound settings, ...

I've done a fresh sarge install now, with kde 3.3.1 (kernel 2.4.27)
This time I tough that I maybe could have sound properly configured, so that I could use "skype" to talk to other... I tought of testing the sound input (microphone) using krec... No good.. I can press "record", talk as much as I want, no sound will be replayed... Well, I tought of using gnome sound recorder... It only works correctly (I can record and reproduce sound) if I don't have a sound daemon running (I tried arts and esd).

No matter what I tried, I couldn't get krec to work. If not using arts it will default to null device. If arts is redirected to esd (so both are running) krec will refuse to work also..
Has anyone got success with krec?

Well, basically I'm complaining that I think the sound support is still working ... badly... in kde 3.3.1... I've got used to turn off arts already in the earliest versions of kde, as I never had proper sound with it, and I was hoping thing got better with new releases.. In the meanwhile, I read somewhere that arts was going to be descontinued, so does anyone knows if there is a replacement now or planned for the future?

Could my sound problems be somewhat better if I try a 2.6 kernel (because of alsa) ?

Joao Clemente

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