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Re: KDE Update

On Thursday 13 January 2005 17:28, Richard Ibbotson wrote:
> I'm wondering whether it's a good time to update my own machine to KDE
> 3.3.1 ?  Other one is that I don't know what to tell apt-get to do to
> update to 3.3.1.  Perhaps someone can help me with that ?

One of the nice things about Debian is the way upgrades are handled. There are 
always stuff trickling down into sarge from sid, so new packages are 
available regularly.

apt keeps a local list of available packages that you need to update to be 
able to find the new packages on the server.

Two ways of doing that are:

Start aptitude as root, and press u.

or run the command:

apt-get update

When it is done fetching the list of packages, you can get the upgrades by 

Iin aptitude press shift-u and then g.

or run the command.

apt-get upgrade.

When you are done you need to restart x to be sure everything uses the new 
packages. Perhaps it is easier to just reboot your system.

Anders E. Andersen

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