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KDE Update


Been watching the list traffic for about two months about KDE 3.3.1.  
A good read. Thanks to everyone :)

I'd like to ask a question about updating to KDE 3.3.1.  Just before 
Christmas I installed my workstation with Debian Sarge.  Most things 
work fine.  Done a lot of work with it.  Using KDE 3.2.3.  The other 
day I installed a new Debian Sarge workstation for someone else.  
Found that it installed KDE 3.3.1 straight away.  Looks alright.

I'm wondering whether it's a good time to update my own machine to KDE 
3.3.1 ?  Other one is that I don't know what to tell apt-get to do to 
update to 3.3.1.  Perhaps someone can help me with that ?



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