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Re: KDE Update

On Thursday 13 January 2005 18.11, tomas pospisek wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Richard Ibbotson wrote:

> > The following packages have been kept back:
> >   amor ark artsbuilder atlantik atlantikdesigner bug-buddy capplets

> you can explicitly tell apt to update those held-back
> packages:
> # apt-get install amor ark artsbuilder atlantik et cetera

In most cases, it suffices to just manually install one of the held back 
packages (I usually just take the first one) - that one will draw in some 
of the new dependencies.  Then apt-get upgrade will pick up the rest.  If 
necessary, repeat a few times.

James Tappin:
> Try dist-upgrade instead of upgrade -- that does a far better job of
> finding extra packages that need to be installed. Basically if a
> completely new package is needed, upgrade holds the package that 
> requires it, dist-upgrade offers to install the new package. 

And dist-upgrade will happily uninstall half of your system to satisfy the 
dependencies.  So make sure you read the whole output before you hit enter, 
and make sure none of the packages that will be removed are used by you.

Personally, I always manually install if there are packages held back.

-- vbi

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