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Re: KDE Update


Thanks for this...

> Two ways of doing that are:
> Start aptitude as root, and press u.
> When it is done fetching the list of packages, you can get the
> upgrades by either:
> Iin aptitude press shift-u and then g

Apt-get wouldn't do anything sensible and so I decided to go with 
aptitude.  Did this last night before wandering off to slumber land.  
Came back this morning.  

What I found was that aptitude told me that the software had been 
downloaded.  It was asking me to hit OK to install it.  Did that 
whilst having my breakfast.  Took an hour for everything to install.  
Part way through this happened......

Unpacking replacement ecasound2.2 ...
Selecting previously deselected package ecasound.
Unpacking ecasound (from .../ecasound_2.3.5-6_i386.deb) ...
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
Ack!  Something bad happened while installing packages.  Trying to 
Setting up mdnsresponder (0.9.8-2) ...
Starting Zeroconf service discovery responder: mDNSResponder.
Setting up libhowl0 (0.9.8-2) ...
Setting up gnome (62) ...
Errors were encountered while processing:
Press return to continue.

Hit return and continued.    At the end of installation I decided to 
reboot the workstation to see what happened next.  Machine booted and 
when KDM was due to start it just stayed with the black screen and 
command line.  Much hacking - about four hours of it - revealed that 
the xserver-common 4.3 file had been removed by aptitude part way 
through the night without my knowledge.  'apt-get install 
xserver-common'  put the X windows system back in again.  Typed in 
'kdm' as root.  KDM started.   Tried to login.  Found out at this 
point that KDE wasn't installed at all.  In spite of the fact that 
aptitude said it was.  Gnome was updated and installed.  No problem 

'apt-get kde' finally sorted everything out and I am now using Kmail 
1.7.1 to send mail to this list.

Thanks to all of the developers for producing KDE 3.3.1 for Debian 
Sarge.  It's great software.  Will look forward to more of it.

Kind regards



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