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Re: how to save settings of konqueror

On Thursday 13 January 2005 00:37, Ruth A. Kramer wrote:
> Derek Broughton wrote:
> > he absolutely
> > refuses to quote
> I did read one of his posts that was apparently in reply to another
> post, and, although he did not quote, he had enough "background" in
> his question/text that I thought it was easy to see to what he was
> responding.  I think that approach could be acceptable.

Absolutely not. I say: "Quote properly, or stop using mailing 
lists/usenet." His "approach" was not good enough. Also, it was correct 
to point him to the esr doc. He (and we) will only benefit from this.

> Aside: I hadn't noticed that he broke the thread, but I suspect he
> did, which is not good, unless he's really changing subjects--then it
> might be a good idea as long as the new subject line accurately
> reflects the contents of the new thread (and doesn't leave an
> unanswered question in the old thread). 

IMO, you should simply never break a thread. Use "new subj [WAS old 
subj] instead if you have to. 

> The reason I say it might be 
> a good idea is that it may make the information easier to find in a
> search of the archives.

Not really sure I agree with this...

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