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Re: Konqueror freezing

Am Freitag, 7. Januar 2005 12.19 schrieb Theo Schmidt:
> ...every now and again Konqueror freezes its activity
> for up to 10 seconds...

Thank you for the answer attempts, Frederick and Svenn. I wonder if the 
following behaviour is related:

I notice that there is on all my PCs (very) brief harddisk action every few 
seconds when using KDE. This seems to come from kdeinit. (On one PC there is 
also something called netapplet.) This is especially annoying on desktop PCs 
right in front of you with loud harddisks. I started using Windowmaker for a 
while because of this, where this problem disappears. 

Is there any way to make kdeinit be inactive when nothing is happening?

Theo Schmidt

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