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KDE/Konqeror - mounting NFS export hangs Konquerer and K-MenuI

Im having a problem with a recently install of sarge on an Acer Laptop and KDE 
from unstable (just upgraded).  Im running  the 2.6.9 kernel.

Without a network interface activated, everything works as expected.  When I 
activate a network interface I can ping externaly and to my local server.  I 
can mount an NFS directory (it takes a while) and move through directories in 

The problem:  in KDE, Konqueror takes a long time (over a minute) to start and 
the KDE-Panel hangs until Konqueror comes up.  Once Konqueror comes is up I 
can move through directories in the NFS mount and transfer files fine.  New 
instances of Konqeror also take a while to come up, both of the NFS mount and 
of Home.

If I kill the xserver and log back in, KDE hangs on "Initializing system 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to track this problem down?



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