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Re: Konqueror freezing

On Friday 07 January 2005 12:19, Theo Schmidt wrote:
> I am using KDE 3.2.3 on Debian Testing (not quite up to date) with
> Kernel 2.4.20-xfs i686. The PC is an IBM with Pentium II 400 MHz. I'm
> really pleased with it, but: every now and again Konqueror freezes
> its activity for up to 10 seconds.
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I have witnessed this kind of behavior with konqi as well a couple of 
times during the 3.x series. I haven't bothered looking more into the 
issue as there is usually several weeks between the problem shows.

I have seen it happen filling in forms, as you mention, but also right 
after doing a Ctrl-T to open a new tab.

I have no idea what might be causing this, and not sure if what you and 
I experience is actually related.

> This especially happens when 
> filling in web forms. Top shows nothing special except sometimes
> several instances of kdeinit hogging the CPU.

Looking at kcpuload when konqi 'stalls', I didn't notice any particular 
CPU activity here.

> I find lots of questions to relating to konqueror freezing in Google,
> but no answers which seem to apply to my problem.
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I've gotten me curious. I think I'll go googling a little bit and see if 
I might stumble on anything.

Best regards,
Frederik Dannemare | mailto:frederik@dannemare.net
http://frederik.dannemare.net | http://www.linuxworlddomination.dk

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