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Re: java plug-in (sablevm)

Am Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2005 22:06 schrieb Matej Cepl:
> Michael Koch wrote:
> > A big problem is that we don't get enough feedback from users
> > with bug reports. More bug reports would be wonderful. All the
> > people out there seem to like to use (buggy) proprietary software
> > more than free software and report issues if there are some. Free
> > Java in Debian is good. It supports many things like Tomcat 5 or
> > Eclipse 3. People should really try it.
> IAJAL (I am just a lawyer -- actually, I am not anymore, but that
> says something about my level of CI wizardry) so I cannot help you
> with this, but I have a tip -- go, contact people on
> openoffice.org-debian team and help to make openoffice.org-java
> package go into main. It is currently in contrib, because it
> depends on JRE 1.4, so without that I couldn't get OpenOffice.org
> XSLT filter work.

There are already people working on this with the openoffice.org 
people. Unfortunately much stuff in openoffice.org uses internal 
stuff of JDK. This needs to be rewritten. This is beeing worked on. 
The build system of openoffice.org is another problem ...

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