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Re: java plug-in (sablevm)

On Thursday 06 January 2005 06:42, Michael Koch wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2005 11:35 schrieb Anders Ellenshøj Andersen:
> > On Wednesday 05 January 2005 12:38, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > > Or maybe Sable VM (not sure if there is a Debian package for it)
> >
> > It's in unstable. And I seem to remember that it is in fact the
> > recommended free jvm for Debian.
> Where have you read this ? As a free java developer and part of the
> Debian Java effort I would recommend kaffe.

Oh, please.  Neither one of them appears to support Java2 (at least, they 
don't provide java2-runtime).  That puts them so far behind the state of the 
art as to be worthless.

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