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Re: java plug-in (sablevm)

Michael Koch wrote:
> A big problem is that we don't get enough feedback from users with bug
> reports. More bug reports would be wonderful. All the people out
> there seem to like to use (buggy) proprietary software more than free
> software and report issues if there are some. Free Java in Debian is
> good. It supports many things like Tomcat 5 or Eclipse 3. People
> should really try it.

IAJAL (I am just a lawyer -- actually, I am not anymore, but that says
something about my level of CI wizardry) so I cannot help you with this,
but I have a tip -- go, contact people on openoffice.org-debian team and
help to make openoffice.org-java package go into main. It is currently in
contrib, because it depends on JRE 1.4, so without that I couldn't get
OpenOffice.org XSLT filter work.


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