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Re: does kmail in kde 3.2 fully support procmail?

On Saturday 03 April 2004 18:44, Hendrik Sattler wrote:


> Am Saturday 03 April 2004 12:00 schrieb Mauro Darida:
> > I was a fan of kmail but left it for mutt since it does not work well
> > with procmail (it requires to make additional copies of mail directories
> > to work with procmail, which is simply nonsense to me).
> > Just wondering if in kde 3.2 the situation has changed. I am using a
> > backport kde 3.1.2 on woody.
> > Alternatively, is there another qt based mua which fully supports
> > procmail and both maildir/mailbox format?

> How do expect this to work? You then must make proper use of file locking
> and I doubt that using mbox would work at all in this case (two programs
> writing to the same file at the same time!).

hm, kmail could implement file locking mechanisms like mutt or other mua do 
it. I think this is the intention of the above question.

Georg Sauthoff

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