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Re: Re: What are the best windowed IRC clients, and which are apt-get'able?

On Mon, 20 Oct 2003 15:45:47 -0500, "Robin Verduijn" <robin@debian.org>
> Note: I am the Debian maintainer for the kvirc package.

Thanks for your work!  :)
> If you do like KVIrc, I advise you to try out the latest version (pre3-1)
> of 
> KVIrc 2 in Sid. It is better integrated with KDE than KVIrc 3, and
> contains 
> quite a lot of fixes compared to the upstream KVIrc 2 version (which is
> dead 
> now anyway since everyone there is working on KVIrc 3).
> I took up maintaining the KVIrc 2 sources and am planning to add some of
> the 
> more interesting features from KVIrc 3 (encrypted IRC, avatar support,
> and 
> the like), though mostly I plan to make KVIrc as stable as can be and 
> well-integrated with KDE. Currently KVIrc 2 has near-native KDE support 
> instead of only using a few KDE classes for its UI. It also has a much
> more 
> finished look than KVIrc 3.

What is the latest version?  The version I got about a week ago shows in
the ap to be 2.1.3 .  But apt-cache & dpkg both show the installed
version to be .  (I don't apt-get upgrade every day to
save bandwidth.)

Overall, it seems to be a good piece of work, though, of course, not
complete yet. One annoyance in the "sort list of channels by # of users"
button results in a sort by 1st character of the #, not sort by #.  Thus
an order like: "10, 11, 123, 14, 20, 211, 23...", which is not great for
sorting a large list of channels.  Has that been fixed yet?  If not, any
idea when it will be fixed?

Are you aware of how it compares to the version of Konversation from the
other fellow posting to this thread?

What is the expected future releases of KVIrc?  When will a useful 3.x be
in Sid?

Thx :)

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