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Re: Fonts stuffed after dist-upgrade

On Mon, Oct 20, 2003 at 07:17:02PM +1000, Jeremy Lunn wrote:
> Just did a dist-upgrade on my mum's computer and the KDE fonts have
> totally screwed up.  Other X fonts seem okay (GTK and OpenOffice.Org),
> in fact the konsole font is fine as well.  But every other font in KDE
> has gone weird.  Any ideas about what it could be, which package it
> would be and how to fix it?
> Thanks,
> Jeremy
I wish I knew; I'm having font problems too.  But I do have some

KDE3, because of its reliance on Qt3, uses a different font naming
convention than KDE2/Qt2.  "family [foundry]" is the new style;
"foundry-family" was the old.  If you have some files/preferences
using the old style, they may appear to have disappeared when the
styles switch.  Or maybe not: I think Qt3 is still supposed to
recognize the old names.

A dist-upgrade may have changed your xserver, even if it is relatively
recent.  The configuration scheme changed, and the XF86Config-4 got
rewritten.  In my case, some font paths got dropped during the

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