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Re: What are the best windowed IRC clients, and which are apt-get'able?

hereon1@fastmail.us (hereon1@fastmail.us) wrote on 06:19:39PM 20/10/03:
> Overall, it seems to be a good piece of work, though, of course, not
> complete yet. One annoyance in the "sort list of channels by # of users"
> button results in a sort by 1st character of the #, not sort by #.  Thus
> an order like: "10, 11, 123, 14, 20, 211, 23...", which is not great for
> sorting a large list of channels.  Has that been fixed yet?  If not, any
> idea when it will be fixed?

Actually, I had never noticed that before. You can expect to see it fixed in
the next upload. If you have any more of this kind of annoyances, please do
let me know through email or through a bug report. I'll be happy to see what
I can do to fix it.

- Robin

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