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Re: What are the best windowed IRC clients, and which are apt-get'able?

hereon1@fastmail.us (hereon1@fastmail.us) wrote on 06:19:39PM 20/10/03:
> What is the latest version?  The version I got about a week ago shows in
> the ap to be 2.1.3 .  But apt-cache & dpkg both show the installed
> version to be .  (I don't apt-get upgrade every day to
> save bandwidth.)

I am working toward a 2.1.3 release, but because I want it to be easy
for me to upload several prereleases without getting a huge
kvirc_2.1.3.orig.tar.gz file when the final 2.1.3 version is ready, I
am versioning these preleases as, where X is a prerelease
number. Thus, the prerelease versions are higher than 2.1.2 but will still
sort below 2.1.3 when it comes out. I've set the app version to 2.1.3
already, and am using the build number to keep track of subsequent

> Overall, it seems to be a good piece of work, though, of course, not
> complete yet. One annoyance in the "sort list of channels by # of users"
> button results in a sort by 1st character of the #, not sort by #.  Thus
> an order like: "10, 11, 123, 14, 20, 211, 23...", which is not great for
> sorting a large list of channels.  Has that been fixed yet?  If not, any
> idea when it will be fixed?
> Are you aware of how it compares to the version of Konversation from the
> other fellow posting to this thread?

No, I'm sorry, I haven't tried Konversation yet. The screenshots look
nice though. It is supposed to be some sort of IRC client 'lite' isn't
it (no scripting support etc. but easy to set up and use)?

> What is the expected future releases of KVIrc?  When will a useful 3.x be
> in Sid?

I am not personally planning to package KVIrc 3 for Debian if it means
replacing KVIrc 2 for it. KVIrc 2 is good, I like it, and I don't see it
going away any time soon. The more choice, the better. That said, there
has been a debian.robin/ directory inside the KVIrc 3 source for ever
and ever, and together with the files in kvirccvs/kvirc/no-dist/debian
you can build a version of KVIrc 3 which can be installed alongside 
KVIrc 2. So, I have been thinking about it -- I suppose I could go and
package KVIrc 3 if somebody asks me for it. Point is, nobody has done that
yet :-)

- Robin

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