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Re: pgp/mime support in kmail

On Thursday 09 October 2003 18:12, Gurke wrote:
> (http://ma2geo.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de/public-debian/).
> second question: do both methods (plugin and inline) work properly together
> or do i have to get rid of one (supposedly the inline-one) ?
no, they work together.

> ok, i then went over to the few pgp/mime-mails i had received and hoped
> that i would finally be able to decrypt them. but i still get the same
> error on every message:

I believe you might be experiencing the same problem I had. Try using 
pinentry-gtk instead of pinentry-qt. 

I believe the reason was that the pinentry-qt package on ma2geo uses an 
esoteric security feature of Qt that keeps objects holding sensitive data 
from being accidentally swapped out, but a new version of Qt broke some part 
of that. You might want to look through the gpa-dev mailing list archive at 
gnupg.org, there was some discussion of this.


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