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Re: pgp/mime support in kmail

Am Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2003 19:02 schrieb Sebastian Seifert:
> I believe the reason was that the pinentry-qt package on ma2geo uses an
> esoteric security feature of Qt that keeps objects holding sensitive data
> from being accidentally swapped out, but a new version of Qt broke some
> part of that. You might want to look through the gpa-dev mailing list
> archive at gnupg.org, there was some discussion of this.

Their fix was to make it insecure :-/
Actually, both graphical pinentry programs (-gtk and -qt) are broken in some 
way. The QT version shows a warning at start ("Warning: using insecure 
memory!") and the GTK version still is based upon gtk-1.2 thus having 
problems with UTF-8 locales.

It would make sense if ssh-askpass and pinentry would be compatible in a way 
to make front-end sharing possible but still fit the needs of both of them...

BTW: how can I make a QT program use a look like KDE's keramik theme?


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