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Re: pgp/mime support in kmail

Am Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2003 18:12 schrieb Gurke:
> ok, i then went over to the few pgp/mime-mails i had received and hoped
> that i would finally be able to decrypt them. but i still get the same
> error on every message:
> ---
> Cannot decrypt message.
> Error: No passphrase.
> Content could *not* be decrypted.
> reason:No passphrase.
> End of encrypted message
> ---
> i also get this error when i encrypt something on the command-line and my
> passphrase is in memory.

Does your ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf contains the line
Note that this may also fail if your key is not password-protected (empty 

On sending, can you choose to use the openPGP modul instead of the internal 
Actually, KMail should display a warning of a not-found openPGP module if it 
cannot use it.

You should not use pinentry-qt as it is broken (I will try with a 
recompilation against current QT).


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