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[deb unstable] problem with KDE on 2 screens: no window manager decorations displayed

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i'm using debian unstable on a pc with a dual-head vga-card (radeon 8500).
X is configured to handle both displays indepent (= no xinerama).

until yesterday, kde worked just fine - i've had 2 instances of kde
running, each display had its own kde settings.

today i encountered the following problems (after fixing the
libxrender1-bug by downgrading libxrender1):

o there seems to be only one instance of kde
o apps started on the second display have no window manager decorations
and are not displayed in the taskbar
o apps in the second display will react on mouse clicks, but it seems they
don't get the focus (which stays at apps on the primary display) -> it's
not possible to use the keyboard with any apps on the second display
o on the second display a kde start panel is displayed as before (same
icons etc., but only one virtual desktop instead of 4)
o if i change any settings on the kde panel on the second display, it
affects only the kde panel on the primary display

the primary display works as it is supposed to.

the only changes done in the last time is the daily "apt-get update;
apt-get upgrade" (run from a private mirror which is usually one day
behind ftp-master.debian.org) plus the libxrender1 downgrade.

i downgraded libxrender1 to 0.8.2 to circumvent the kdeinit-problem just
before the problems mentioned above appeared.

before downgrading, the errmsg "cannot start kdeinit" appeared on the
primary display, but then kde started without problems (on the primary
display); the second display remained blank (no wallpaper, no panels..just
X without any window manager).

then i thought that the update of the kdelibs* yesterday may be the source
of those problems - but downgrading from 3.1.4-2 to 3.1.4-1 didn't help.

some other things i noticed:
/var/log/XFree86.0.log shows no errors
'xauth l' shows just one display (:0)
~/.xsession-errors says:
"kwin: it looks like there's already a window manager running. kwin not
started." (i don't know whether this msg has been there before)

regarding pkg versions: the system is running only pkgs from unstable and
is updated daily.
the Xserver and other X* pkgs are 4.2.1-12.1; the error occurs with both
kdelib* 4.1.3-1 and 4.1.3-2.

any help would be appreciated.


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