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Re: Programmer for hire

On Tuesday 07 October 2003 17:18, David Bishop wrote:
> So, if you think kate's code folding abilities leave something to be
> desired, or kdevelop would be a lot nicer with objc support, or k3b could
> use a way to automatically convert videos for vcds, then go forth and do!
>  And absolutely the best of luck.  We need all the help we can get :-)

Key problem #1 in open source: There are so many people out there with some 
programming skills and so few with project management skills. End is that 
most popular projects have a fork or two. Just look at freshmeat.net for a 
year or two and most hypes get forked. Nice, but useless waste of effort. I 
think it *is* the proper way to say: Hey here I am, can I help. And then the 
package maintainers must rise their heads and check if they can load off some 
load on this new strong soul, but, no, most package maintainers are so deep 
into their own problems that this extra energy goes to waste.

I want to help you with your shoe, but you have to tell me where it hurts as 
long as you don't let me wear it...


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