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Re: Programmer for hire

On Tuesday 07 October 2003 08:41, Bob Tilley (AT&T) wrote:
> I would like to wet my feet in the Open Source pool.  Can anyone suggest
> any needy Projects?  I can do C, C++, Pascal, Assembly, etc. and would like
> to put my talents to work to give something back to the Community that has
> given my desktop so much.

As someone that has contributed in (very) small ways to several different open 
source projects, I can tell you that your approach, while well-meaning, is 
almost definetly the wrong way 'round.  A much better way is to look at your 
desktop, figure out what you use the most, pick something in that app that is 
lacking, and fix it.  Rinse, repeat, until you find a project that 'clicks'. 
The problem with just going with a 'needy' project (and in open source, *all* 
projects need more programmers, thus making this somewhat moot) is that it is 
difficult to sustain the drive needed to actually help, when working on a 
program that you never use.  Case in point: my level of involvement in kpilot 
dropped of dramatically (to nothing) when I started syncing my handspring to 
my ibook, and stopped using my linux box.  Same with kmamerun (not using mame 
much anymore), and umbrello (no longer diagramming things), and etc....

So, if you think kate's code folding abilities leave something to be desired, 
or kdevelop would be a lot nicer with objc support, or k3b could use a way to 
automatically convert videos for vcds, then go forth and do!  And absolutely 
the best of luck.  We need all the help we can get :-)


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