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Re: Kmail+SPAM

On Mon 06 Oct 2003 7:34 pm, Jose wrote:
> Any way to get a spam filter into kmail like Thunderbird has? I have
> tried Spam Assassin, but it takes forever to download mail. Thunderbird
> does this much quicker.
> Is there something else out there that I can use other than Spam
> Assassin in kmail?
> Thanks!

Hmmm.  My ISP runs spam-blocking software server-side.  (It's called 
MailArmory, created by my ISP frii.com - an excellent ISP if you're in the 
Colorado Front Range.  I think that MailArmory runs SpamAssassin under the 
hood, though it also filters viruses & gives you a nice Web-based front end.)  
That way the spam gets filtered before I download it.


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