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Re: Programmer for hire

On Tuesday 07 October 2003 10:41 am, Bob Tilley (AT&T) wrote:
> I would like to wet my feet in the Open Source pool.  Can anyone suggest
> any needy Projects?  I can do C, C++, Pascal, Assembly, etc. and would like
> to put my talents to work to give something back to the Community that has
> given my desktop so much.


David Bishop's advice is good, nevertheless, I'd like to suggest two projects 
that I'd like to see get done (and I haven't been able to do them (so far, 
and maybe never)):

   * Add collapsible outlining to AbiWord.

   * Add a keyboard macro facility to X (the X server).

If you (or anyone else) are interested in either one of these, I can try to 
tell you what I know (which isn't much).

Randy Kramer

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