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Re: Spam because of this list

On Monday 06 October 2003 21:12, kosh wrote:
> As I already pointed out the existing email harvesters already do this by
> default. You are not defeating anything. I think you overestimate how much
> time it takes to parse stuff like that. It problems takes more time to
> gather the data over the network connection then it takes to parse it.

But in contradiction to a clear write email address a demunged munged address 
is more worth because somebody has tried to protect it against me.

Houses with fences and alarms tend to have more valuables inside than houses 
without doors.

Stop using email for questions and answers and turn to wiki.debian.net. That 
way you will not only avoid giving out your email, you will also contribute 
to fast growing, searchable faq and in the end there will be no need to be 
subscribed to debian-kde.

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