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Re: Spam because of this list

On Monday 06 October 2003 12:59, Antiphon wrote:
> It looks like you're misunderstanding me. I am only talking about when
> posting the archives on the Web, not via e-mail. With email, you'd be able
> to hit your reply just the same.
> While it is possible to get around encoding, since few sites do it, it is
> not worth it for spammers to try to get around it since doing so would slow
> the rate at which pages are parsed.

> > I have talked with some people and I am assured that most spam crawlers
> > can deal with that also.

As I already pointed out the existing email harvesters already do this by 
default. You are not defeating anything. I think you overestimate how much 
time it takes to parse stuff like that. It problems takes more time to gather 
the data over the network connection then it takes to parse it.

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