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Re: Ownership of /tmp/.ICE-unix and KDE speed

On Friday 19 September 2003 13:50, Achim Bohnet wrote:

> I see a big effect if ICE-unix is owned by root or not.  With
> ICE-unix chown root, after login I almost immediately see the
> kdesktop & ksplash on the first or second last item indicating
> that the apps are restored.

Maybe it's a couple of seconds faster at max, doesn't really feel like it 

The big stoppers are the second and third items. This is both on cold boot and 
The first item is finished before the splashscheen displays.
The second item takes 2-4 seconds to complete.
The third item takes at least 5 seconds.
The rest follow after, at just under a second each.

If the second and especially the third item could be speeded up, there 
definately could be a bit speed gain. It actually seems like it is just 
waiting for something that times out during that procedure, but I don't have 
any idea about if it is possible to get any more detail about what is going 


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