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Re: "kppp" for dsl?

I found the tool kdslwatch on the following sites




Sounds interesting ("universal adsl monitor") but in the docs that
came with the sources I found ("only with avm-cards")?
And does anybody have the thing compiled (how?, see below) or even a
pkg to share - would be most interested!

now for bonus-round:
Well, when I tried to compile the thing myself I experienced some
strange things I have no explanation for (maybe related to having
had to install quite a few pkgs for kdelibs-dev and stuff?):
at the 3rd or 4th step of ./configure or so my machine goes into
after hitting a key it comes up just fine and continues to configure
until it finally exits complaining about some qt-stuff not found or
so (arent QTDIR=/usr/lib/qt3 and KDEDIR=/usr/lib/kde3 correct?).
Afterwards I could not go online/offline anymore; a new login didnt
help, so I decided to stop fooling around with the thing, unset
QTDIR and KDEDIR and a reboot fixed things. Sorry for not beeing
more specific above but I have a very bad feeling about the thing
and didnt want to play around again.

A pkg or some advice/a hint would be great


> Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 05:16:51 +0900 (JST)
> From: umidori kamome <kamomeumidori@yahoo.co.jp>
> Subject: "kppp" for dsl?
> To: debian-kde@lists.debian.org
> On my former installation I used wmppp.app to go
> online/offline
> and as an online/offline-indicator. Now I upgraded to kde3 and
> am no longer able to see wmppp - I can still start it but it
> wont show up.
> Any ideas?
> But even better would be a tool like kppp - for dsl. Isnt
> there
> any such thing?
> How do U use/monitor temp. dsl-connections?
> Thank You
> cu
> kamome

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