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Re: Ownership of /tmp/.ICE-unix and KDE speed

On Fri, Sep 19, 2003 at 12:34:00PM +0200, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote:
> On Friday 19 September 2003 09:23, Achim Bohnet wrote:
> > You'll notice the effect when you logout/login. With .ICE-unix chown
> > root:root it takes here ~ 1 sec until KDE session is up and 2-3 sec until
> > all KDE apps are restored.  With .ICE-unix owned by a normal user the
> > second login takes 3-4 times longer.
> No matter what the ownership of that file is I get nowhere near that speed. On 
> my ASUS A1300 with 650MHz celeron and 300MB SDRAM, KDE starts up in around 
> 10-15 seconds on cold boot. It's a bit faster on relogin at somewhere under 

That's here the same on a cold boot because the disk access is the
limiting factor and therefore your numbers are what I normally get
too (one kde session until shutdown). 

In the case I login/logout/login (tests/reconfig ...), and
verything is in RAM (_no_ disk access according to led here!)
I see a big effect if ICE-unix is owned by root or not.  With
ICE-unix chown root, after login I almost immediately see the
kdesktop & ksplash on the first or second last item indicating
that the apps are restored.

That's on a laptop with 1.4 MHz Pentium, 512 MBRAM. I've seen
the same effect on a 4 way sunserver via an X-terminal.

As soon as disk access is involved the ICE-unix slowdown is

> 10 seconds. So 1 second to start the KDE session sounds absolutely incredible 
> to me.
> But the ownership of /etc/.ICE-unix doesn't make any difference at all to 
> this, not here anyway.
> Anders

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