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Re: Ownership of /tmp/.ICE-unix and KDE speed

Is that trailing data at the end of your message one of the current viruses going around?  Make sure you strip it from the messages because they enlarge the emails by over 100k.  The email header said that you used Kmail, so at least you're immune to these insane viruses (I'm on a Sun computer, so I can't even execute x86 code)

> On September 19, 2003 07:50, Achim Bohnet wrote:
> > I see a big effect if ICE-unix is owned by root or not.  With
> > ICE-unix chown root, after login I almost immediately see the
> > kdesktop & ksplash on the first or second last item indicating
> > that the apps are restored.
> >
> Is there some security issue with this. I mean, if it is such 
> an improvement, why the ownership of ICE-unix is not root by 
> default? Just curious, Slaven
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