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Re: Again: Delays starting KDE apps after upgrade 3.1.3 => 3.1.4

On Thursday 18 September 2003 23:29, Doug Holland wrote:
> > since upgrading KDE to version 3.1.4 on Debian Woody I experince delays
> > when starting KDE applications. Don't had these delays on KDE 3.1.3. My
> > /etc/hosts contains valid entries for localhost and the name of the
> > machine.
> Here are a couple of the usual suspects that cause KDE slowness:
> 1. Out-of-date font cache.  Fix by running fc-cache -f -v as root.

I use Woody so I don't have fc-cache.

> 2. /tmp/.ICE-unix/ missing or has wrong owner/group/permissions.  To fix,
> execute following commands as root.
> mkdir /tmp/.ICE-unix
> chown root.root /tmp/.ICE-unix
> chmod 1777 /tmp/.ICE-unix

Did that already long time ago (I'm doing this at bootup time).
Again: Everything was fine with KDE 3.1.3 but changed with KDE 3.1.4.

> 3. I've also found that if you're on a non-permanent net connection such as
> a dialup, it helps to run your own DNS server, since many programs expect
> DNS service to be working at all times, otherwise they throw errors or sit
> through long timeouts before responding to user input.  For a home
> workstation on a ppp connection, pdnsd is a good personal DNS server that
> gets the job done without creating too many hassles.

It is regardless if I sit here at the end of a 100Mb connection or at home
without external net.

Nevertheless, thank you!

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