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Re: kppp fails authentication for normal user

On Tuesday 11 March 2003 11:47, Leopold Palomo Avellaneda wrote:
> A Dimarts 11 Març 2003 08:07, Bernt Christandl va escriure:
> > Hi,
> >
> > yesterday i set up a laptop with woody and kde-3.1,
> > compiled the ltmodem-module for the Lucent Winmodem
> > and could connect over the modem to our modemserver
> > without problems, after i commented out the "auth" in
> > the /etc/ppp/options file - as "root" only ...
> I had a similar problem some weeks ago. It was solved with some help, but I 
> addmit that I don't like it very much.

FWIW:  I installed kppp on a host running KDE 2.2.2 and there kppp is
setuid root and setgid dip

chandra(0) ~ # l /usr/bin/kppp
-rwsr-xr--    1 root     dip        447528 Jan  6 16:12 /usr/bin/kppp
chandra(0) ~ # dpkg -l kppp | tail -1
ii  kppp           2.2.2-14.6     PPP dialer for KDE
chandra(0) ~ #

On 3.1 it's only setgid dip

lapmara[0] ~ # l /usr/bin/kppp
-rwxr-sr--    1 root     dip        416648 Jan 19 17:43 /usr/bin/kppp
lapmara[0] ~ # dpkg -l kppp | tail -1
ii  kppp           3.1.0-0woody2  KDE dialer and frontend to pppd

I have no analog modem at hand now to test if this fixes the problem.
> I had two approaches:
> 1) Copy the user/passwd to chap/pap-secrets. (Achim idea)
> 2) Add the user to the dip and adm group. Kppp need to read /var/log/messages 
> (Ralf pointed)

I added to /etc/syslog.conf

	local2.*                -/var/log/syslog.ppp

chgrp dip /var/log/syslog.ppp

Strange is: now all files are group adm again.  Maybe one has to tweek syslog a bit
more so group dip is also used for new files.

But having acces to pppd messages in /var/log is not really necessary.  It's just
nice to get a grep ppd  with a single click ;)
> Finally it works for me, but manually I had to add the resolv.conf parameters 
> of the connexion to the /etc/resolf.conf, because, I didn't had DNS.

Didn't 'usepeerdns' help?

> I think that is a nighmare to conf kppp in debian.

Once upon a time it was easier :(

> Regards, and good luck.
> Leo
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