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Re: kppp fails authentication for normal user

A Dimarts 11 Març 2003 08:07, Bernt Christandl va escriure:
> Hi,
> yesterday i set up a laptop with woody and kde-3.1,
> compiled the ltmodem-module for the Lucent Winmodem
> and could connect over the modem to our modemserver
> without problems, after i commented out the "auth" in
> the /etc/ppp/options file - as "root" only ...

I had a similar problem some weeks ago. It was solved with some help, but I 
addmit that I don't like it very much.

I had two approaches:

1) Copy the user/passwd to chap/pap-secrets. (Achim idea)

2) Add the user to the dip and adm group. Kppp need to read /var/log/messages 
(Ralf pointed)

Finally it works for me, but manually I had to add the resolv.conf parameters 
of the connexion to the /etc/resolf.conf, because, I didn't had DNS.

I think that is a nighmare to conf kppp in debian.

Regards, and good luck.


Linux User 152692 

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