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kppp fails authentication for normal user


yesterday i set up a laptop with woody and kde-3.1,
compiled the ltmodem-module for the Lucent Winmodem
and could connect over the modem to our modemserver
without problems, after i commented out the "auth" in
the /etc/ppp/options file - as "root" only ...

But whatever i tried with the options-file or with parameters
for kppp, i completely failed to authenticate as a normal user.
Either with return code 19 (authentication failed) or with
return code 2 (possiby conflicting parameters) when i entered
"noauth" as a parameter to ppp in kppp.

If this is important: Our modemserver runs RADIUS and needs to
get a "real" UID/PW from kppp to establish a connection.

Any ideas of how to overcome this?

With regards,

Bernt Christandl

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