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Re: Where is kdenetwork, where is Chris?

> I would suggest you use a distribution, like woody, that isn't in rapid 
> development and does not require going to the archives or Google to have it 
> work. Sid is not meant for people, like you, who want to have things work out 
> of the box.

Maybe so, but in general, Sid _does_ work out of the box, so I
wouldn't advocate ditching it quite so fast.  Anybody who's willing
to go to the trouble of following the mailing list, searching the
archives, and adding Ralf's KDE packages to his sources.list sounds
like a good candidate for running Sid (and giving useful feedback
when things don't work).

I think the problem is that KDE just isn't quite "there" yet in
Debian, and these are the growing pains that we should expect in
these early days.  It would be useful to know what the current
problems are, in case someone else has the time/expertise to look
into them.


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