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Re: Sid KDE 3.1 upgrade report

Lucas Moulin wrote:

> Craig Dickson <crdic@pacbell.net> wrote:
> > 1. Keyboard repeat rate. KDE Control Center lets you enable or disable
> > keyboard repeat, but you cannot set the initial delay time or repeat
> > rate.
> See the Option "AutoRepeat" in your XF86Config-4.

I will look that up and use it to set a reasonable system default, but
still, each user ideally ought to be able to customize it, so an X
server setting is not appropriate for my purpose.

> > 2. Locale setting. KDE keeps leaving me with LANG=C. I have selected
> > English, USA in KDE Control Center's locale panel, but this seems not
> > to have any effect on the environment variables visible in Konsoles.
> Environment variables are changed with dpkg-reconfigure locales.
> Kcontrol only changes KDE environment.

No, each user should be able to choose his own environment, which may be
different from the system default. Gnome's GDM allows the user to choose
his locale at login time, and remembers it for future logins, KDM
appears not to have this capability, nor have I been able to find it
elsewhere in KDE.

Or are you suggesting that the KDE developers fundamentally do not
understand that a multi-user OS may actually have multiple users?
Surely that's not possible.

> > 3. Mouse buttons. I have a Microsoft Optical Intellimouse with both a
> > wheel and extra side buttons. KDE seems to offer no convenient way to
> > initialize this correctly so that the scroll wheel works right.
> See your XF86Config-4, Option "ZAxisMapping".

This is already set up, and works in every other environment that is
installed on the machine. "Break everything else to make KDE work" seems
like a poor solution.


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